Humanities and Science

Humanities and Science Department is accommodated in Block II and is engaged in teaching subjects of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Communication Skills (English). All the disciplines in the department exist as a separate division and maintain individual identity under single umbrella – B.Tech, 1st Year as per JNTUH norms. The unique strength of the department is its excellent co-ordination in carrying out the academic responsibilities effectively. The department comprises of highly qualified and goal-oriented members. Besides Outcome Based Education, the department inculcates value-based education.

The department has spacious and best equipped laboratories. The department aims to transfer the younger generation into responsible citizens and aspires to lead the budding engineers towards the path of success. To keep abreast with the latest demands of the industry the department strives to impart various skills like communication skills, technical skills, soft skills and essential life skills to the young aspirants of the institution.  The department is committed to provide innovative and high-quality instruction that empowers students to become confident in facing personal and professional life challenges.

The department shields the responsibility of the consolidation of attendance and the sessional marks of the first years and the maintenance of the Parent-Institution communications for the welfare of the students. The members of the department regularly attend seminars, workshops and training programs on various subjects. Most of them are associated with scientific bodies striving for the professional and intellectual development of their fellow faculty members. The faculty has addressed itself to the need to orient the students towards the goal of relating their knowledge to the reality of life situations.

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