National Innovation and Start-up Policy (NISP)


To make Joginpally B.R. Engineering College one of the Indian Innovation Hubs and the most preferred destination for Startups by 2025.


To generate, support, and cultivate a vibrant Start-up ecosystem in Joginpally B.R. Engineering College resulting in innovation and entrepreneurship-driven employment and economic growth.

Short term Objectives
  1. To help student groups to prototype their ideas.
  2. To improve innovation, creativity, and design thinking among the student community.
  3. Incubation facility for faculty-driven start-up and student/Alumni start-up.
  4. Organize FDP, seminars, and workshops, distinguish talks for students, faculty, and alumni and promote entrepreneurial culture.
  5. Strengthen institute Industry Interaction Cell activity and effectively use the outcomes for achieving the mission.
Long term Objectives
  1. Companion with DST, CII, MSME, and other academic institutions for transferring world-class facilities for JBREC activities.
  2. Recover quality of research work among students and attain patent which can be commercially used in production.
  3. Run a platform for students to develop innovative products with global recognition and generate business opportunities.
  4. Make revenues through consultancy work and student start-ups.
  5. Feast awareness to students and faculty regarding IPR related activities.
  6. Strategic company linkage with

(a) Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India(EDII), Ahmedabad
(b) National Innovation Foundation (NIF) of India to acquiesce ideas and apply for schemes
(c) Acquire fund from AICTE for Entrepreneurship Development Cell

Policy Implementation Team
Sl. no. Name of the faculty Roles in NISP
1 Dr.V.USHA SHREE President
2 Dr. T.V.S ARUN MURTHY Vice President, Dean – Academics
3 Dr. S.SATHISH KUMAR Start-up Activity Coordinator, Dean R & D
5 Dr.T.PRABAKARAN Innovation Activity Coordinator, Dean Quality
6 DR.R.RAVIKUMAR Convener, Dean Industry Institute Interaction
7 DR.B.RAVI KUMAR Dean Student Affairs
8 MR.T.SHESAGIRI Dean Co-curricular & Extracurricular Activities
9 MR.G.NAVEEN Social Media Coordinator
10 Dr.P. NAGAKRISHNA IPR Activity Coordinator
11 Dr.M.GIRI Internship Activity Coordinator
12 MR.P.RAJENDAR ARIIA Coordinator
13 Dr.S.PRABHAKARA RAO NIRF Coordinator, Dean Administration
14 J.KAYATRI Student member
15 PRAMOD KUMAR GHOSH Student member
16 SONIKA SINGH Student member
17 BASUDE MARUTHI Student member
18 M.SANGEETHA Student member
19 R.NAGARANI Student member

Important Relevant Links

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