The Approach

JBREC School of Management Studies tries to identify the changing needs of the corporate and tries to shape the student by imparting education to develop the personality that can adapt to various conditions. So apart from academics, the department also undertakes other development activities like:

  • Case Studies
  • Role Plays
  • Seminars & Workshops
  • Mini Projects
  • Industrial Visits
  • Management Games
  • Group Discussions
  • Audio-Visual Learning
  • Project Works (Individual and Group)
  • BISCON (Business Information Sharing Conference)
  • Biz-Quiz
  • Simulation Exercises
  • Guest lectures by eminent people in academics, research and professionals.


The college library has over 2000 books relating to various fields in Management, from different publishers and by different authors, which gives huge scope for the students to develop their knowledge. The library also gets a wide range of Biz-journals and Magazines. Books of General Interest and Dictionaries for various disciplines are also made available for instant reference.


The college has a spacious air-conditioned computer lab with adequate systems. The systems are provided with UNIX and Windows operating systems with networking facilities. Software installed in computers are not only pertaining to the syllabus but also relating to the latest Statistical, Financial and Operations Research packages which are made available to the students to facilitate them for analysis of the Project works they undertake. In addition to this The Department is having Communication Lab with Advanced Softwares for English and Soft Skills Development

S.No Year Semester Lab Code Lab Name
LAB I   

Business Communication Lab

BCS lab is offered to understand the importance of oral and written communication and its applications in Business for students. Students will be able to understand the importance of Business Communication to develop writing skills and presentation,  writing business proposals and letters, application of business communication in the self-development process.

Statistical Data Analysis Lab

SDA lab is offered to understand the application of Statistical tools to Research Problem / Projects. Students will be able to analyze and apply the statistical tools for decision making, hypotheses testing and discussion of results for better decision making.

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