Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Engineering are revolutionizing almost every industry and domain at an unprecedented pace. A large number of skilled people with in-depth knowledge of these technologies are required. To meet this requirement our college started CSE (AI&ML) with an intake of 90 in the year 2020, besides an additional 10% under lateral entry scheme.. This department provides young engineers dedicated to frontiers in the field of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning with a foundation in Computer Science Engineering. The students shall be industry ready after practicing these AI/ML-based algorithms, techniques, and their applications to solve real-world problems/challenges. The department attracts the brightest students from the entire country in particular from both Telugu States who score very good ranks in the EAMCET & JEE exams.

The department has well-equipped Laboratories and talented qualified faculty in which the main focus is laid on teaching learning and logical reasoning.

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