The guidelines published in this document are for the Governance of Joginpally BR Engineering College sponsored by JOGINPALLY BR EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY (JBRES), Hyderabad, Telangana State. The document is a fusion product based on

a. The University Grants Commission, New Delhi, India guidelines.
b. By laws of JOGINPALLY BR EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY, Hyderabad, Telangana State.
c. Good Practice Guide for Governing Bodies, December 2012.
d. J N T U Hyderabad Rules and Regulation for Affiliated Colleges
e. Previous documents viz Administrative Manual of the College
f. Existing Best Practices in the institution.

This Good Governance Guidelines Document has been prepared to ensure an effective functioning and efficient governance at all levels to the satisfaction of stakeholders. This document provides core principles of good governance. The implementation of these governance guidelines shall lead to effective utilization of manpower, infrastructure and facilities available in the institute and thereby enhance the quality of education. The guidelines will lead to transparency and accountability in the administration. The expected benefits due to implementation of good governance through the guidelines presented in the document may include to:

  • Strengthen the existing good practices
  • Implement transparency at all levels of governance and administration
  • Follow integrity in appointments at all levels
  • Strengthen the Industry-Institute Interaction
  • Establish fair and transparent processes in internal control
  • Comply with rules and regulations
  • Establish strong and capable financial processes and procedures relating to procurement, appropriate utilization of funds and audit
  • Involve the entire stake holders at various levels as deemed fit with regard to guidelines of statutory bodies.
  • Maintain registry of interests of members of governing body
  • Achieve optimum utilization of infrastructure, resources for better output
  • Establish processes in risk management
  • Meet the requirements of accreditation
  • Enhance the quality of teaching-learning process
  • Set up centers of excellence in research & development and enhancement of quality of research and consultancy
  • Set up and strengthen student support programs, training for enhancing quality in placements and higher education
  • Place improved systems for feedback, self appraisal of faculty and staff
  • Create bench marking with other institutes of repute
  • Accomplish appraisal of Head of the Institution

The document provides information on organization of the institute along with its organization structure, functions, and responsibilities of all four statutory bodies. In addition, it outlines the responsibilities of various functionaries in the academics and administration including non-statutory committees formed for the smooth and effective functioning of the college.

Section 1.1: PREAMBLE

Title, application, and the authorities to interpret, clarify, modify and to amend

a) The regulations stated herein below shall be called the
Joginpally B.R. Engineering College
“Good Governance Guidelines Document / Administrative Manual”.
b) These regulations shall be in force from the academic year from the date of ratification by the Governing Body of the college.
c) In the event of any doubt about the interpretation of these regulations, the matter shall be referred to the Governing Body and its decision shall be final.
d) The Governing Body shall have the authority to modify, amend and repeal any of the provisions of these regulations.

Student Handbook 2017 – 18

1. Vision & Mission of the College


 To be a global leader in educational and research institution in Engineering and Management.


 To impart high quality technical and professional education in order to mould the learners into globally competitive professionals who are professionally deft, intellectually adept and socially responsible.
 To collaborate with industries and research organizations and excel in the emerging area of research

2. About J.B.R. Education Society

Joginpally B.R. EDUCATION SOCIETY was established in the year 1993 with the objectives to found and run the Educational & Cultural Institutions.

Distinguished Office Bearers of the Society:

Chairman :Late. Shri. J. Bhaskar Rao
Secretary :Sri. J. Vamsidhar Rao
Director : Smt. J. Gayatri

Institutions run by the Society:

Sl.No Name of the Institute Establishment
1 JB Institute of Engineering & Technology(Autonomous) 1998
2 Joginpally B.R. Engineering College 2002
3 Bhaskar Medical College 2005
4 Bhaskar Engineering College 2007
5 Bhaskar Pharmacy College 2007
6 Joginpally B.R.Pharmacy College 2007
7 J.B.R Architecture College 2012
8 Sri Balaji Dental College 2015

The management members are imbued with a spirit of selfless service and believe in the principle of Academic autonomy. Transparency of all financial transactions is strictly adhered and all payments and receipts are through DD’s and Cheques only. The Management obtains objective feedback about all aspects of the college and suitably advises and motivates employees in a discrete manner.

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