About TASK

TASK is an innovative and pioneering initiative that attracts the best students from all over the state, providing them with a world class infrastructure and opportunities to apply their knowledge to the challenging problems.

In the flattening world, India has become one of the important protagonists in the domain of Information Technology. To sustain the IT boom, the synergy among the institutions of Academia, Industry and Government has become inevitable. Specifically the incongruity between the academic competencies of the potential knowledge workers and the Industry expectations needs to be mitigated.
Institute for Electronic Governance – IEG

The Institute for Electronic Governance(IEG) is a non- profit organization created by Government of Telangana, to offer solutions in the discourse of human resources by bringing synergy among the institutions of the government, industry and academia. The main objective is to offer quality human resource and services to IT and ITES sectors.

In recognition of the potential role to be played in e- Governance, human resources development and promotion of IT industry, the Telangana Government in its ICT policy for the next five years (2005-2010) assigned a prominent role to IEG and its various programs.


To forge a seamless integration among government, academia and industry, to attain prosperous eco-conscious knowledge society of skilled and empowered students.

A program designed by IEG and Infosys for building students foundational skills with modules relating to technical, problem solving and soft skills to cater the industry needs.


The program is the joint effort between Government of Telangana, Infosys, Institute for Electronic Governance, Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge Center and JNTU. This program is created to provide opportunities to SC, ST, BC and Minority students in the IT sector

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