Program Educational Objectives (PEOs):

PEO 1: Formulate an integrative business plan through the application of multi-disciplinary management knowledge.
PEO2: Incorportate inclusivity perspectives while making business decisions.
PEO3: Demonstrative leadership abilities to functions in a dynamic global environment.

Programme Outcomes (POs):

Student will be able to:

PO1: Management Knowledge: Apply managerial knowledge to solve business problems at various levels
PO2: Problem Analysis: Identify, formulate and analyze complex problems in all functional areas of business and conduct investigations to provide valid conclusions.
PO3: Project Management and Finance: Demonstrate knowledge, understand management principles and apply to manage projects effectively and efficiently.
PO4: Design and Development of Solutions: Design cost effective solutions by application of modem tools to complex managerial problems considering cultural, societal, environmental issues and so on.
PO5: Leadership and Team Work: Collaborate and lead teams across organizational boundaries and optimum utilization of diverse skills of team members.
PO6: Environment and Sustainability: Understand the impact of environment while formulating managerial solutions and knowledge of contemporary issues and its need for sustainable development.
PO7: Ethics: Recognize and be sensitive to ethical and social issues in organizations.
PO8: Communication: Communicate effectively both orally and in written by using appropriate business communication tools and technologies.
PO9:Life-long Learning: Recognize the need and practice life-long learning in the broadest context of managerial change.

Programme Specific Outcomes(PSOs):

PSO1: Identfy the key issues in finance, marketing, human resources and information systems areas, utilize qualitative and quantitative methods to explore and provide solutions to critical business problems.
PSO2: Cater innovative career paths of entrepreneurship, research and consulting.

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