1 : Prof G.Narayana :

A) Published International Journal Ensuring Secured Data Transmission and Providing Privacy and Integrity for Range Queries in Wireless Sensor Networks IJCSIET- Issue3-Volume2-Series3 July 2013.

B) Published International Journal SECURE GROUP COMMUNICATION APPROACHES BY USING KEY DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM IN MANETS Ijcsiet-issue3-Volume2-Series4, December 2013.

C) Published National Conference on Advancements and Innovations in Engineering Technology & Management (AIETM) from 19th to20th March,2014.

2 : Mr.T.Shesagiri, Assoc Professor

A. A Paper on ‘ An audiovisual corpus for audio perception and automatic Audio recognition(L) Published in International Journal of Electronics Communication and Computer Engineering Volume 3, Issue 4, ISSN (Online): 2249071X, ISSN (Print): 22784209

B. A Paper on’ End-to-End Text Recognition with Convolution Neural Networks Published in International Journal of Latest Research in Science and Technology Vol.1,Issue 2 :Page No.132-136 ,July-August(2012) http://www.mnkjournals.com/ijlrst.htm,ISSN (Online):2278-5299

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