The institution has good state of art infrastructure to meet the educational requirements of students. The buildings of the college are built with 30043 Sq.M with good ambience provide an ideal environment for learning. The college management has taken all the care in building a campus with all the amenities. Institute has adequate facility for teaching –learning. There are adequate number of class rooms for each department along with e-class rooms and seminar halls. A common seminar hall with all public address facility is established for a capacity of 300 seating. A conference/board room with ICT facility is established to hold board meetings. The institute has centralized computer centre to cater the common works. The college library is repository of knowledge. The library has 51,447 books besides the digital library from which students and faculty can access e-journals & e-books. The computer centre of the college is fully equipped with 50Mbps/LAN. The college has a good transport facility with number of buses both for the students and staff from various corners of the city. The campus is under surveillance through CC Cameras installed at various locations.

Class Rooms

Infrastructure Infrastructure
Infrastructure Infrastructure

Seminar Hall

Infrastructure Infrastructure
Infrastructure Infrastructure

Department library

Infrastructure Infrastructure


Infrastructure Infrastructure
Infrastructure Infrastructure

Classrooms equipped with Projectors

Infrastructure Infrastructure

Waste Management steps including:

Solid waste management:

  • The Green-colored dustbins are meant for wet and biodegradable wastes.
  • Pink dustbins are meant for disposal of plastic wrappers and non-biodegradable wastes.
  • Also meant for papers and glass bottles.
  • Cleaning or emptying of the dustbins is being done on a regular basis at 10:00 to 11am and 3:00 pm every day.

Liquid waste management:

Liquid waste from the points of generation like the canteen, laundry, and toilet is segregated and disinfected and let out as effluent into a common drainage facility. This liquid waste effluent could trigger various infections and can cause disease outbreaks among the people, if they end up in the some local water bodies like lakes, rivers etc., So sensing this danger, we own Effluent Treatment Plants (ETPs), for treating the waste water that can eventually be reused.

E-waste management:

In jbrec, there is a simple process of e-waste management .At the end-of computers useful life, they are collected from different locations of the campus by designated technicians and sent to Jbrec computer center. At the center, the computers are sometimes repaired and some are likely not repaired due to the level of damage. The un-repaired are inspected by the authorities and its open for disposal through contractors or vendors, who pay certain amount of money to dispose them.

Green practices Students, staff using

a) Bicycles:
The Institution is

Providing bicycles for the attenders.

b) Public Transport

The full fledged Transport department functions in college with 15 buses to provide transport facility to students and staff from various places.
This is a boon for the day scholars and hostlers coming from different localities as they can reach the campus in time.

Infrastructure Infrastructure

c) Pedestrain Friendly roads:

The goal of these Pedestrian friendly roads is to preserve and enhance pedestrians and to encourage walking as an attractive means of transportation as well as for leisure, recreation and health.

Infrastructure Infrastructure
Infrastructure Infrastructure


  • Our college encourages students and staff not to use plastic bags.
  • The security guard makes sure that no one enters the college campus with polythene bags.
  • Students must be educated on the harmful effects of plastics. The management should conduct awareness programmes.
  • Avoiding the burning of plastic waste in the campus.
  • Providing a large number of dustbin at all major parts of the campus


  1. Instead of using physical paper documents, we are making availability of digital document by scanning it.
  2. For making paperless office, we are sharing documents using official emails.
  3. With the paperless office, we can access the data anywhere, anytime and much quicker.
  4. The chances of losing important documents are lower when scanned and field electronically


Infrastructure Infrastructure
Infrastructure Infrastructure

Environment consciousness is enshrined in the mission of the college and tree plantation is the major concern of the management to maintain the pristine purity and beauty of the college to provide a congenial atmosphere for the academic and non-academic pursuits. The barren hillock on which the college is situated is transformed with plantation into a haven of flora and fauna.
1. Felling of one tree for the construction of building to meet the growing academic requirements is replaced by planting a few trees on the campus.
2. Areas are assigned to NSS Volunteers and the departments for planting, watering, weeding and maintaining the plants.

Physical Facilities for Differently abled Persons:

  • Facilitate admission of differently abled persons in various courses.
  • To provide counseling to differently abled students on the types of courses they could study at the higher education institutions.
  • Special concession scheme has been introduced for physically handicapped students. They are provided with vehicles in case of travel to a far-off examination centre. Students with writing disability are provided with scribe/writer. The college provides facilities viz. ramp and wheel chairs for physically challenged students whenever needed.
  • Preferential service is provided to differently abled students in the library and the canteen.
  • Care is taken and ensured that the entire campus is disabled friendly.
  • To conduct awareness programmes for teachers of the institute about the approaches to teaching, evaluation procedures, etc, which they should address in the case of differently abled students.
Infrastructure Infrastructure

Ramp for differently abled persons

wheel chairs for differently abled persons
Infrastructure Infrastructure

Rest rooms for differently abled persons

Ramp for differently abled Persons to enter Rest Room

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