Journal Publications

  • Muruganantham Ponnusamy, T. Prabakaran , Swapna Thouti, Saivarshini Ravichandran, 2023, “Deep Reinforcement Learning-based Optimization and Enhancement of Multimedia Data: An Innovative Approach”, ICTACT Journal on Image and Video Processing, Vol. 13, No.4, pp.3013-3020, ISSN : 0976-9102
  • Giri, Kalpana Chauhan, T.Prabakaran, M.Srinivasa Rao, G.Naveen, 2023, “Analysis on various routing protocol for detecting wormhole attacks in mobile Ad-Hoc Network”, International Journal for Innovative Engineering and Management Research (IJIEMR), Vol. 12 Issue 01, pp. 256-266, ISSN 2456 – 5083 (ELSEVIER)
  • S, Dr. Prabakaran.T, Swetha.S, G.Lavanya, 2022, “A Framework for eHealth Care Based on Medical IoT”, Indian Journal of Natural Sciences, Vol. 13, Issue 73, pp.46495- 46502, ISSN: 0976-0997 (Web of Science)
  • M.Giri, Kalpana Chauhan, Dr. R. Ravi Kumar, Dr. T. Prabakaran, B.Harikrishna, 2022,“Comparison and Analysis of Reactive Routing Protocols over MANET”, Grenze International Journal of Engineering and Technology, Vol.9, Issue 1, pp. 1514-1521, ISSN: 2395-5295
  • Prabakaran.T, Dr.Jyoti, Dr.Prashant, Dr.P.Vijayakarthik, 2021, “Smart Robot for Medical Waste Management”, Turkish journal of physiotherapy and rehabilitation, Vol.32 Issue 3, pp.35846-35851.
  • Prabakaran.T, 2020, “MANET Wormhole Attack Preventing Using Two-Phase Hybrid Cryptography Cryptograph Security Algorithms”, Bio Science Bio Technology Research Communications Special  Issue,  Volume  13,  Issue  6,  pp.  215-219,  ISSN:  0974-6455. (UGC Serial No. 42929)
  • Pavani, Prabakaran.T, 2019, The Classified Checking With Cipher Text Grid Traffic In Portable Messaging Applications’, International Journal of Innovative Technology And Research, Vol.7, Issue 4, pp.9153-9155, ISSN: 2320-5547.
  • Kannan, D.Sumathi, T. Prabakaran, 2018, “A Study on Challenges and Opportunities in Teaching Programming Subject to First Year Computer Science and Engineering Students: In the perspective of faculty and student”, Journal of Engineering Education Transformations, Volume 31, No.3, January 2018, ISSN 2349-2473, eISSN 2394-1707. (SCOPUS)
  • Prabakaran.T, Arunsekar.R, 2018, ‘ High performance reversible vedic multiplier using cadence 45nm Technology’, International Journal of Research and Advanced Development, Vol.2, Issue 4, pp.64-71, ISSN : 2581-4451. (Impact Factor : 1.0219)
  • R.P, Prabakaran.T, 2017, Enhancing Educational Research Paradigm through the e-Library Resources”, International Journal of Research. Vol.4, Issue 7, pp.4320-4327, ISSN : 2348-6848/ 2348- 795X.
  • S, Prabakaran.T, Krishnakishore.D, 2017, “Content Delivery Networks – A survey”, International Journals of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering. Vol. 7, Issue 7, pp.228-230, ISSN : 2277-128X.
  • S, Krishnakishore.D, Prabakaran.T, 2017, “AM – FM Based Method in Retinal Images for Blood Vessel Segmentation”, International Journal of Electronics, Electrical and Computational System. Vol.6, Issue 11, pp.352-361, ISSN:2348-117X. (Impact Factor : 2.52)
  • D.Sumathi, Dr.S.Kannan, Prabakaran.T, 2017, “Performance Analysis of Fixed Probabilistic Route Discovery on AODV and DSR in Mobile AD-HOC”, International Journal of Scientific Research and Review. Vol.6, Issue 12, ISSN: 2279-543X.(UGC Serial No. 64650)
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  • N, Prabakaran.T, Mythili.A, 2016, “Self-Configurable Clustering Mechanism for QOS Routing Protocol”, International Journal of Scientific Research in Science, Engineering and Technology. Vol. 2 , Issue 1, pp.45-48, ISSN : 2395-1990.(UGC Serial No. 47147 & Impact Factor : 5.016)
  • Prabakaran, T. &Karthikeyan, N.K, 2015, “Adaptive clustering and routing using Fuzzy decision model in WSN”, International Journal of Mobile Network Design and Innovation, Inderscience Enterprises Ltd. Vol. 6, No. 1, pp.51-62, ISSN: 1744-2869 / 1744-2850. (SCOPUS)
  • N, Prabakaran.T, 2015, “Network Lifetime enrichment protocol for wireless sensor networks using EESEP protocol”, International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology  (IRJET),Vol. 2, Issue 7, ISSN:    2395-0056/2395-0072.   (UGC & Impact Factor :7.529)
  • A, Prabakaran.T, 2015 “A Survey on Cluster Head Formation and its Related Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks”, International journal of Computing, Vol 5, Issue 4, ISSN :2231-2153/2230-9039.
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  • Abinaya J, Prabakaran.T, 2015, “Improved Identity Based Digital Signature Scheme for Enhancing Security and Efficient Data Transmission”, International Journal for Trends in Engineering & Technology, Vol 3 Issue 3, ISSN: 2349 – 9303.
  • D.L, Prabakaran.T, 2014, “Performance improvement of Power Heterogeneous Manet using Distance based associative Head Selection algorithm”, International Journal of Advanced Research in Electronics and Communication Engineering (IJARECE) Vol. 3, Issue 4, ISSN: 2278 – 909X.
  • J, Prabakaran.T, 2014, “Reduction of End To End Delay Using Priority Queues in Wireless Sensor Network”, International Journal of Innovative Research in Computer and Communication Engineering,   Vol   2,   Special   Issue   1,    ISSN:   2320-9801/   2320-9798.  ( Impact Factor : 7.542)
  • A, Prabakaran.T, 2014, “Analysis of Secure In-Network Aggregation for Anomaly Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks”, International Journal of Innovative Research in Computer and Communication Engineering, Vol 2, Special Issue 1, ISSN: 2320-9801/ 2320- 9798. ( Impact Factor : 7.542)
  • Prabakaran, T. & Karthikeyan, N.K, 2013, “SLCH-LEACH: selective and location based cluster head-an improved energy efficient routing protocol for wireless sensor networks”, European Journal of scientific Research, Vol. 99, Issue 3, pp.408–417, ISSN: 1450-216X /1450- 202X.
  • Mohanambal, Prabakaran, T., 2013, “An Intersection Based Routing Protocol for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks”, International Journal of Engineering Sciences & Research Technology, Vol. 2, Issue.5, May, 2013, ISSN: 2277-9655
  • Prabakaran, T, 2012, “Design of Pulse Triggered Flip Flop using Pulse Enhancement Scheme”, International Journal Of Computational Engineering Research, Vol.2, Issue. 2, pp. 501-504, ISSN: 2250-3005. ( Impact Factor : 6.41)

Conference Publications

  • “Optimized Protocol for Image Transmission over IoT”, 2023, IEEE Conference, ISBN No. 979-8-3503-4779-1/23, DOI: 1109/ICONSTEM56934.2023.10142762
  • “A Novel System Model for Managing Cyber Threat Intelligence”, 2022, IEEE Conference, ISBN No. 978-1-6654-9790-9/22, DOI: 1109/MysuruCon55714.2022.9972703

Patent Publications

  • “AI Based Smart Glasses for Skin Cancer Classification (Granted)” Application No. 398522-001 CBR Number : 213568, Publication Date: 29.12.2023
  • “Machine Learning Algorithms to Predict the Power Consumption Of Individual household” Application No. 202341054211, Publication Date: 01.09.2023
  • “A Machine Learning Based Bandwidth Monitoring and Notification System For Ensuring Effective and Quality Service of Telecom Operator” Application No. 202241000029, Publication Date: 14.01.2022
  • “An Artificial Intelligence based Rescue System for the safety of Women” Application No. 202141027114, Publication Date: 02.07.2021
  • “Intelligent Shoe For Assisting Blind People” Application No. 201841020233, Publication Date: 08.06.2018

Book Publications

  • “Advanced Web Programming and Internet Technologies”, 2021, Scientific International Publishing House, ISBN : 978-93-92992-47-6
  • “Computer Networks-An Introduction”, 2020, AkiNik Publications, ISBN: 978-93-90541-99-7

Book Chapter Publications

  • “Characteristics and Applications of Embedded System”, 2020, Integrated Publications, ISBN : 978-81-947471-9-2
  • “Learners’ Learning Using Design Thinking Learning Approach (DTLA) with Machine Learning”, 2022, CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, ISBN: 978-1-032-03905-3, DOI: 10.1201/9781003189923, Pp.87-99

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